Seeking the Oriental Wind

Player Required: 25 to 120 players
Language: English
Plot: 1960s hongkong gang story Time: 3 hours


Seeking the Oriental Wind is a Theatrical play and Murder Mystery RPG game set in 1960s Hong Kong, where gangs and corruptions are common. You will get to play as one of the 100 characters with a unique background and witness a blockbuster story unfold as one of the character.

There are so many things you can do in this unique free-form game. You can win an election, strike it rich, poison the actors (NPC), bribe other players, form your own gang or even get arrested! This is your chance to finally get the chance to be transported to "the Hong Kong drama" with professional actors, making you feel like you are the lead character in the movie! Except that this time, you are the director too as you decide the story outcome and forge your own destiny for your character, and the fate of every actors in the game.

Not only that the game is easy to master for everyone, you will get to watch an emotional movie, created by your fellow players and the actors.

Get immersed into the world and bring your character to life as you play as your own character. Feel the passion, cry out as your character goes through defeat and grief, and explode with joy when your character succeeded in an impossible mission. We have always received overwhelming response from our participants, so you will not be disappointed for sure!

The game:
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The year is 1967, Hong Kong, where crime and gang syndicates ruled the land. The British Empire has decided to transform Hong Kong into a financial hub, and installed a new governor in place n order to weed out corruption. Governor Chin is ruthless, decided to increase the budget of the police force, and installed the new (ICAC) Independent Commission Against Corruption. It drove many of the gangsters back to Mainland China.

The Hong Kong police launched a nationwide gang swap on the 1st of October 1967. Rich families, powerful gangsters, and corrupt politicians congregate at the pier. The game begins when the gangs and the politicians meet.

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