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Murder Mystery in English

  • Castle Lumiere is no ordinary castle. Owned by Baron Quinn Fontaine, it appears to have a ‘magical shield’ that stops and kills anyone who attempts to enter. A dinner meeting is set-up by the Baron you are determined to attend. You know the place is both mysterious and magical. And, although you have no idea who else will be coming, you know that you have to be there!
  • Two years ago, Professor John died while saving his student, Cassandra in a hiking accident. A year later, still feeling guilty about Professor John’s death, Cassandra organized a BBQ party, with the other students in tow. The party was in full blast, students dancing and drinking to their stupor. Except that someone is missing – Cassandra. Soon, a shrill scream is heard from her room – there lies a bloodied,

lifeless Cassandra. The police thought it was suicide, but at least it’s not what the students believe.


FOR 30 TO 300 PAX

that makes everyone as a character in a blockbuster story, and their actions in
the game will influence the outcome of the story.

One of the World’s Most Favorite Game
Gets Better with

Professional and Fun Game Master

Immersive projected room

Well maintained game materials

Original English game that is designed
for everyone to have lots of fun

Our plans:

Be part of a
blockbuster story

Become an
interesting character
like the kingpin,
princess or Spy

Get friends to be a
part of the story too,
they may become
your enemies, lovers,
or teamates

Have lots of fun
as you make covert
deals while discovering
others’ secrets.

Work as a team
to pin point the


“I couldn’t stop myself to get addicted to this murder game. I remained on my toes until I could find out who the killer was! The suspense was intense and the twists and turns kept me guessing until the very end. A must-play for any fan of murder mysteries.”

– Kaylie Wong

“ I am a mystery movie lover and saw murder-solving puzzles on-screen only. Playing this game was like living the dream. I will remember this experience for a long time.”

– Mandy Tan

“I must acknowledge this game was playing with us. I mean to say the story plot, environment, and playing those characters mesmerized me. We all got really into character and had a lot of fun trying to solve the mystery together. It was a wonderful evening, and I would definitely play it again!”

– Chester Teo

“The game was a joyful ride of suspense and thrill. Every clue intrigued me to anticipate the killer and the resolution was satisfying & astonishing. They went a step ahead by converting simple murder-solving puzzles into wholesome RPG experience.”

– Alex Yeo of Syntax

“I am grateful to all those who mentioned this murder mystery and converted my boring weekend into a thriller one. I enjoyed being around sinister characters and solving a suspenseful murder mystery. 10/10 for such a brilliant show!”

– Chandanan

“ Splendid conduct by the facilitators, awesome sets, and a mindboggling murder puzzle. I had to dig deep to find out the murderer, although I had previously solved many mysteries. Keep up the good work!”  

– Shun Yang

We can make your

  • Corporate team bonding events
  • Birthday parties for adults
  • Corporate Dinner
    and Dance program
  • Hen’s Party
  • Bachelor’s Party
  • Gatherings
  • Family Day
  • Year End Dinner
Much more awesome,
memorable and fun
with MurderMystery.SG!

3-4 hours
of excitement

Our games are
portable, host it

  • Home
  • Picnic
  • Restaurant (subjected to the restaurant’s approval)
  • Office
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Our dedicated place at Hougang

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