Sparks Connection $62  $31.00 (for Singaporean/PR.Not married)

Single Ticket: $62  $34.10 (with coupon: mmsg)

Group Ticket: $372 $204.60 (with coupon: mmsg)

📆Date: 5 August 2023

⏲Time: 2pm

👨‍👨‍👦‍👦Group Size: 3 to 6 in a group

💰Usual Price: $62 per pax or $372 per group


🧧Discounts: 50% Sparks connections credit / 40% off early bird coupon code:


(please note that you will be grouped with 5 other players. You can specify 1 to 2 friends to be with you). kindly fill up this form after registration for Sparks

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The most immersive🕵🏻‍♀🕵🏻‍♂once in a lifetime adventure happening in Changi Village this April. Get to witness the unfolding of a deadly mystery buried under the soil of Changi Village for decades. This game will offer you a perilous opportunity to step into the role of a protagonist of a blockbuster movie🎥, and the chance to go through an adventure amidst the political unrest and chaotic epoch in the midst of British armed forces withdrawal from Singapore.

📍 The registration point will be at Changi Point Waterfront park

👨‍👩‍👧‍👦The game is suitable for all age group, but contains extreme emotional scene. Parental guidance is required for players below the age of 13. There are quest that are not suitable for young children, and groups with young children will not be allowed to attend these quest

👟This is an outdoor event, pls visit our social media or standby to receive our whatsapp msg if there is a need to postpone the game due to unfortunate weather conditions.

📆The game will be postpone to 3rd(sat) or 4th(sun) June if the need arise.

🎟️You may pass the tickets to someone else, but we cannot accept refund due to postponement of the game. We will setup a portal to facilitate, and assist in the collection of fees as well.

🚶🏼The game requires around 4 km of walking throughout the 3.5 hours

🍹There will be coupons for drinks and snacks such as Bandung, and Kacang Puteh

😀We will try to place singles of similar age, interest and profession in the same group for opportunities to meet and mingle. You may choose to opt out of this options even if you purchased singles ticket.

🌀We reserve the rights to change the program highlights

On reaching the start point, all the participants will be provided with a set of instructions and a map containing the self-guided trail. It will guide you to different booths where various clues and situation-based tasks will be waiting for you. Follow the self-guided trail through the busy streets of Changi and meet the game’s characters to navigate your path to the truth.

Before kicking off, our staff will brief you on the background story and the present scenario. By following the trail, you will arrive at different booths where our actors will be performing different roles. As the protagonist, you will interact with them to extract the right information to get an insight into the mystery.

Use your detective instinct to inspect the clues in the hidden corners of the game area. Crack the clues by confronting different situations along the route and following an immersive backstory.

Meanwhile, our theatrical team will mesmerize you with their performances. Carefully watch their skits and get apprised of what really happened during the era, when the story took birth. Follow all the leads thoroughly and unlock the mystery at the end.

In this process, walk a couple of miles, have the adventure, see Changi like you have never seen before, and return home with an immense smile on your face that you have an adventure!

▶This not just a normal murder mystery👤; it is a “Role-Playing GAME” with theatrical performances and interactions with professional actors. 🧝🏼‍♀🧚🏼‍♀
▶Witness a heart-wrenching story happening right in front of you❤, brought to life thanks to 12 professional actors and a story written by the best story-tellers in Singapore-
▶This will be an engaging immersive experience expanded over 3.5 hours with setups to simulate Changi Village in the year 1971. 🏘
▶Get ready to embark on an adventure similar to a spy movie and solve the game in the way you choose through our non-liner gameplay.⭕
▶Taste your favorite childhood food at no charge and free photos
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