It was war and chaos in the capital city as the rebels finally struck to overthrow the king! But you know you have to reach the castle owned by Baron Quinn Fontaine after he had invited you 3 weeks ago. Meeting Baron Quinn was a huge distraction as there is something else you need to do in the meeting.

But this is no ordinary castle. It emits a horrific aura. The castle appears to have a ‘magical shield’ that stops and kills anyone who attempts to enter. People in the city know very little about the Baron and are terrified to go near the castle. You know the place is both mysterious and magical. And, although you have no idea who else will be coming, you know that you have to be there!


Players required: 5 to 8 Players
Language: English
Plot: 1970s with Fantasy Elements
Time: 3 hours
Complexity: —
Discussion: Private + Group Discussion

“Everyone had gathered around the dead body.
You are all inside the Castle Lumiere and have to find out who the murderer is…”



Angelina Lears

  • Extremely professional and well-mannered
  • Keen about learning the truth
  • Very determined

Brad Lears

  • Very energetic and talks a lot
  • Like to keep people entertained
  • Likes to swear every now and then

Captain Jack

  • He is a bold character who is very observant about things around him
  • He is very calm and thoughtful
  • Everybody naturally likes his cool nature

Chef Kitchener

  • Is fun around people who they are comfortable with
  • Tends to be a little gloomy now and then
  • Likes to drink at parties but not a drunkard

Dorman Leslie

  • Modest and calm mannered towards everyone
  • Polite to everyone at the party
  • Always seems to be emotionless

Jane Fontaine

  • She is very confident and elegant. People like her elegance
  • Is very cunning and calculates all her moves
  • Is really smart and careful

Kaithy Genie

  • She is a very shy girl, rarely talk to other people.
  • She spends most of her time alone and hidden from people
  • Is quite brilliant and understands situations around her easily

Lawrence Leroy

  • He is very smart and confident of his authority
  • Can talk his way out of any situation
  • Doesn’t hold back opinions while talking to people
  • Is very conscious about his cleanliness and dislike anything that makes him dirty

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